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Tournament News and Results

Terry Speers grabs the Commonwealth Bank Title for the 2002 season.

Terry Speers of Como beat Carl Robertson of Bassendean 26 - 12 in the Commonwealth Bank final. The final was short and sweet in that the play was of a very high standard. Terry speers went into the final against an opponent who had not lost a game and had given a wide number of bisques away and Terry Speers walked away victorious with a 26/12 scoreline and the Commonwealth Bank title to his name in the space of an hour and a half's playing time. It was Terry Speers first Commonwealth Bank title.

The big winners of the early season.

Allan Sands joins Jeff Newcombe as the big winners of the early season with the Ida Thorpe Memorial Trophy under his belt after wins over block winners - Jeff Newcombe, Martin Clarke and Peter Ross. Jeff Newcombe is the notable winner of the Men's Open and Men's Maskew and was the leading triple peeler in the Ida Thorpe, yet was still unable to come away with the Ida Thorpe for his trophy cabinet. Martin Clarke was relegated to Runner up and has this to go with his runner up for the Men's open.
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Martin Clarke wins the ACA Bronze Medal for the 2000/1 Season.

Martin Clarke of Mandurah won the ACA Bronze Medal (originally the Gold Medal) for the second time at Como Club. The three day event (30th Sept - 2nd Oct) was as exceptional as they come. Full of darkhorse pegouts and a few dog battles, the decider came to the last game between Martin Clarke and Nedland's Susan Wharton. Martin Prevailed 26-9 to take the mantle as the winner for the 2000/1 season. For the second year in a row, Allan Sands of Como was relegated to runner up status.

Round One
S.Wharton def H.Thurston 26 - 23
A.Sands def D.Anderson 26tp - 9
P.Ross def M.Garrod 26 - 0
T.Speers def O.Lindon 26 - 8
M.Clarke def C.Robertson 26 - 1

Round Two
A.Sands def S.Wharton 26 - 0
M.Clarke def H.Thurston 26 - 21
P.Ross def D.Anderson 26 - 19
M.Garrod def T.Speers 26 - 21
C.Robertson def O.Lindon 26 - 1

Round Three
S.Wharton def P.Ross 26 - 22
A.Sands def H.Thurston 26 - 13
D.Anderson def T.Speers 26tp - 1
C.Robertson def M.Garrod 26tp - 17
M.Clarke def O.Lindon 26 - 17

Round Four
S.Wharton def T.Speers 26 - 6
H.Thurston def P.Ross 26 - 12
M.Clarke def A.Sands 26 - 8
C.Robertson def D.Anderson 26 - 12
M.Garrod def O.Lindon 26 - 15

Round Five
S.Wharton def C.Robertson 26 - 16
H.Thurston def T.Speers 26 - 2
P.Ross def A.Sands 26 - 21
D.Anderson def O.Lindon 26 - 15
M.Clarke def M.Garrod 26 - 1

Round Six
S.Wharton def O.Lindon 26 - 12
H.Thurston def C.Robertson 26 - 21
A.Sands def T.Speers 26 - 18
P.Ross def M.Clarke 26 - 15
D.Anderson def M.Garrod 26tp - 6

Round Seven
M.Garrod def S.Wharton 26 - 24
H.Thurston def O.Lindon 26 - 13
C.Robertson def A.Sands 26tp - 9
T.Speers def P.Ross 26 - 6
D.Anderson def M.Clarke 26 - 2

Round Eight
S.Wharton def D.Anderson 26 - 7
H.Thurston def M.Garrod 26 - 0
A.Sands def O.Lindon 26 - 5
C.Robertson def P.Ross 26tp - 2
M.Clarke def T.Speers 26 - 0

Round Nine
M.Clarke def S.Wharton 26 - 9
H.Thurston def D.Anderson 26 - 0
A.Sands def M.Garrod 26tp - 0
P.Ross def O.Lindon 26tp - 0
C.Robertson def T.Speers 26tp - 0

Final Standings
M.Clarke - 7 wins
A.Sands - 6 wins/2tp's
S.Wharton - 6 wins
C.Robertson - 6 wins/4 tp's
H.Thurston - 6 wins
P.Ross - 5 wins/1 tp
D.Anderson - 4 wins/2 tps
M Garrod - 3 wins
T.Speers - 2 wins
O.Lindon - 0 wins

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Michael Wood wins the Marjorie Parry Star with nine straight peg outs.

Michael Wood of Bassendean Croquet Club won the Marjorie Parry Star for the 2000/1 season. Last year's runner up, Michael Wood went into the tournament, played at Nedlands, hoping to improve on last years position. Played in the last week of September, he progressed through the tournament undefeated with nine straight pegouts. Irene Wardell-Johnson of Bayswater was runner up.

The season as it was for tournament croquet in WA.

Numbers were down for some events such as the Ida Thorpe Memorial Trophy, which at one stage was cancelled due to lack of entries and was put back on schedule later on in the season. The so called gala carnivals continued to attract big numbers this year - particularly the Como Night Carnival, the Vic Park Flexi Carnival and the Nedlands Mixed fun carnival. One of the biggest spectator crowds witnessed was at Gosnells on the last day of the June Weekend Tournament. Nobody dominated the tournament season this year as has been the case in the past, most notable being the 97/98 season when East Fremantle's Bill Turner won a swag of events. The introduction of earlier times seemed to fare well with the players (from 9pm starting time to 8) and three game schedule for the Bronze medal and the Marjorie Parry Star didn't seem to take it's toll on the players. Some association events made the move down south or up north which meant more country entries rather than city. Agressive play was dominant this year in most of the higher level of tournament play this year, such as the ACA Bronze medal, which this year had nine triple peels compared to 99 which only had one and the Division One State Championships singles which had eight. The suprising thing was both were played at Como which obviously makes Como a TP friendly club.Overall, it was a good year for croquet, some surprises and lots of improvement. The highlight for next year on the croquet calender will be the Australian National Championships and the Trans Tasman Test. Something to look forward to.