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"In Review"

'An emphasis on the State Squad and the State Team.'
Story by Carl Robertson. Pictures by

NOTE: This article is in no way written to offend any one particular person or party. This article has purely been written for the editors sake to highlight the effort, dedication, goodwill and belief put into the clubs, members and croquet in general by the members of the State Squad and State Team.

As it is usually the case in life, Tall Poppy Syndrome or the like seems to rear its ugly head at the wrong time. When we come to think of it, it shouldn't occur at all, particularly, and most particularly, when the unfortunate target are ones who seemingly do not deserve the harsh treatment that has been dished out to them.

It has happened often in the world of ours. In media, sport and the like : Sports stars, celebrities and even politicians are targeted for their success, their wealth, their image, their personality, characteristics and so forth, are targeted for this, ridiculed, made to look second class when everybody should really be on the same level playing field.

An unfortunate situation, and one too common in society today.

The unfortunate target in mind here, is the State Squad and State Team. A group of talented and well dedicated people who are unfortunately put in the spotlight by a select few and shot down.

Clarifications need to be made here as to the term shot down. Shot down being - made to not feel equal, of lesser value, of being people who are not deserving of the respect and communication of fellow players and association members.

"The unfortunate target in mind here is the State Team and State Squad."

The State Team or State Squad does not ask to be put on a pedestal or put into the limelight unecessarily. One of the unfortunate situations here is that misconceptions so easily arise and one or many may get the notion that the squad may be a group full of arrogant egostical brats.

The State Squad and State Team are far from that. The Squad is in fact a group of talented, dedicated and helpful individuals who in a way will bend backwards to make Croquet in Western Australia as good as it can possibly be. Both in terms of players and the association itself.

Situations and issues that led to this feature article being written, to put an emphasis on the State Squad and elaborate why it should be given the respect it deserves, will not be discussed here. Names will not be mentioned. Those kinds of things are uneccesary. It is not in the nature of croquet itself. It should have no place in the sport.

Just like Tall Poppy Syndrome and the like shouldn't.

What will be focused on here is the State Squad and the team itself. The dedication and effort, the motivation and esteem that is given by the players themselves.

"One of the unfortunate situations here is that misconceptions so easily arise..."

As mentioned before, the players will literally bend over backwards to help their fellow players and the association. State Squad and Team members are more than happy to help their fellow players in the finer points of the game. There have been incidents in other states, where because of the prestige titles these players have, that being a State Squad or team Member, they think they literally have the right to ignore their fellow players.

The ignorance coming in refusing to help their fellow players in any way improve their game from a tactical or physical point of few. No hints and tips on how to do a delayed triple, no hints and tips on how to fine tune the swing. Nothing more than a snide remark and nudge off.

These kinds of incidents do not occur in our state and the reason for that is simple. The reason being, our players do not possess that attitude to look at their fellow players that way. We look at our fellow players as individuals that would like guidance, help, advice, suggestions.

Anything to help them improve their standards of play, tactical thinking and so forth and hopefully one day, reach that stage of being able to play for their state.