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The Photo Gallery

The Men's and Women's Maskew 2000/1

Bill Turner (East Fremantle) attempting to roquet the pink ball.

Jean Smith (Bassendean/Floreat) stalking the ball.

Patrick Hooker (Bassendean) ending his turn.

George Smith (Bassendean/Floreat) and hoop one attempt.

Jacquie Ashby (referee) observing play.

Club house view of court one and two.

Sid Greene (Como) leaving the court.

Terry Brogden (Bassendean/Leederville) waiting for his turn.

Unidentified player attempting hoop two.

Referee observing Joan Nunn's (Nedlands) hoop four shot.

Jeff Newcombe (Vic Park) attempting four back peel.

Referee watching Jenny Burn's (Como) stroke play.