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The following items are recommended for purchase for the general croquet public.

Robert Fulford Sextuple peel Video

50 minute video of Robert Fulford performing a sextuple at the Sonoma Cutrer World Championships.
RPM Mallet

New technological peripheral weight mallet designed by New Zealander Ray Puckett.

Handlife - indoor/outdoor croquet set.

The Handlife indoor/outdoor croquet set is perfect for bbq backyard croquet, rainy day indoor croquet, beginners and people with disabilities.
The Franklin Croquet Set.

Croquet set ideal for backyard croquet. Three models available.

Croquet : Steven Borga.

Handbook of rules, strategies and techniques.
Croquet - J.W Solomon.

Newer Edition of John Solomon's book.

Croquet - J.W Solomon.

Limited Signature Edition.
Peel Appeal : Steve Jones

Journal book by New Zealander Steve Jones that covers triple peels completed by him and other international players during international competitions. Highly recommended for the triple peel enthuiast.

Expert Croquet Tactics: Keith Wylie.

Highly recommended book for the intermediate player. Covers tactics, triple peels, leaves and openings.

Shooting Gallery Merchandise

Official Shooting Gallery Merchandise.