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Croquet News
"Western Australia and Western Australian individuals on the National and International Scene."

The Nationals of 2002.

South Australia finally succumbed to the emerging brilliance of some of the other states and lost their mantle as the reigning champions. Victoria now hold the prestigious title of being Interstate champions for 2002. A title that South Australia has held for the last decade. Again, Queensland have the honour of being runner up.
Western Australia put a bit of light on their disappointing run in the Interstate by taking home some of the individual honours. Daniel Anderson took the Men's Open title, a title he won for the second time, as did Martin Clarke and Allan Sands for the Doubles Championships. Ian Dumergue won the Gold Medal and Daniel won the Z section of the Open singles with good places in the X section of the Open singles by Martin Clarke and Helene Thurston. There were also good placings by some WA players for the mens and women's singles. Perhaps, more good things are to come in Hunters Valley. This is a good reflection of the dominance by some WA players when the Nationals were played the year before in Perth with WA winners and good placings in all the events.


Big WA winners in the Australian Nationals for 2001.

There were some big Western Australian Winners in the Nationals held in Perth this year. Helene Thurston became the first women in the 13 years to win the Australian Open, while Martin Clarke took out the Gold Medal, undefeated in all his games, and Jeff Newcombe and Daniel Anderson won the Australian Open Doubles comfortably for a second time, dominating in both the semi's and final. Alan Sands and Peter Ross both made the final of the Y section, Allan being the winner. All in all, a great year for WA at the Nationals with the State Team coming third and beating SA for the first time in a decade.

WA Players on the International Stage.

Martin Clarke and Helene Thurston were the two WA representatives to go to Sonoma Cutrer to play in the World Championships. There were some top games played there, with numerous triples and two successful sextuples. Both players performed well with Martin Clarke finishing eigth and Helene Thurston 16th. Martin Clarke then went on to play in the American Internation rules with fellow Sonoma Player, Aussie Trevor Basset and accomplished player and respected referee, NSW Tony Hall. Martin reached the semi final's, only to be beaten by eventual winner, Ireland's Ed Cunningham. A fine perfomance by all Australian Players involved.

comments to Nationals changes - There is talk of the best of three in the Open singles becoming a best of five. Will keep you posted.